Dear Fellow “hula” Hoopers

Dear Fellow Hoopers,

Let’s talk for a minute.
I love hooping. I love to hoop. I want to be able to live off hooping then retire just so I can hoop some more.  But it sure is hard to tell people what I like to do. Don’t get me wrong, I love telling people about hooping.  I could talk about it to anyone who gives me the slightest bit of interest.  Hooping is a beautiful thing and I love doing it, talking about it, and sharing it.  But unless I am talking to another hooper, my conversations always begin the same…

He or she will ask, “So what do you like to do?”
So, I’ll say, “I like to hoop.”
He or she will stare at me blankly, and slowly a light will come on, “Oh, you mean basketball?”
(How many people do you know who play basketball say, “Yes, I like to hoop,” and not, “I like to play basketball,”?)
From there I will excitedly tell them that what I really mean is hoop not basketball, and for no other word, I usually say, “hula hoop.”
So my fellow hoopers I ask you, does this bother anyone else? Because I know that WHAM-O had a copyright on this name “hula hoop” from way back in the day, and I’m not using their hoops, or should I say their hula hoops? But I am hooping with beautiful and amazing adult hoops that make you feel completely incredible.

If I can tell they care, I’ll let them know we don’t usually say “hula hoops.” Anyway I had to get that off my chest. (I wonder if people who love facial tissues get mad when we say KLEENEX…)

First collection

Beautiful Hoops.


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