Once you come to the hoop…

Today I talked with a good friend who I had not talked to for about a year.  She listened in awe as I told her about HooptomyLoo (btw http://www.hooptomyloo.com will be up and going by Feb. 1st,  mark your calendars) She couldn’t believe I had found something that fit me so perfectly, and I realized she was so totally right.

I am a huge believer that once you come to the hoop, you will find a way to stay with the hoop.  I think most people will find a joy they hadn’t felt in long time once they start hooping.   I found that joy when I was with my friend and we walked by the neon pieces of plastic and she grabbed one and said, “aww, I wanna hula hoop.”   I  found a pink sparkly aqua-hoop in Toys R Us, and stood in a plastic kiddie pool and gyrated for about ten minutes.  I didn’t stop laughing.  We both bought flimsy hula hoops and I laughed at myself as I handed the check-out lady my 6 bucks.

From there I upgraded.  I hung my aqua hoop up in the garage and haven’t looked back.  I bought my first hoop from Hoopshine here in Portland and signed up for an intensive beginners class, and the ball hasn’t stopped rolling.  I began to check out hooping.org everyday, looking up every single video I possibly could on youtube, and got with the lingo.  I started to call myself a hooper, and knew I didn’t mean basketball.   I looked for other hoopers everywhere I went and hoped I could learned a new trick or talk to someone who loved this the way I did.  I compared bruises with my friends and showed them new tricks I had learned and wanted to see what they were working on.

Honestly, I am amazed I am still obsessed with hooping.  I am known for getting really into something and abandoning my new found passion a long the wayside.  But hooping has been different.  I woke something up inside of me when I started hooping in that toy store. I can’t exactly explain it.  Maybe if you are hooper you understand.  There is a joy that I feel now.  Something new opens up inside of me every time I pick up a hoop, and I love it.  I would have said you were crazy if you would have told me I would one day own my own business, a hula hoop business at that. But here I am, figuring out a way I can bring this love to people, and I am loving every second of it.


2 thoughts on “Once you come to the hoop…

  1. Good luck with the new business! I can’t wait to check out the website once it’s up and running.

    I know what you mean about becoming obsessed. Once I found the hoop I devoured all the YouTube videos and hooping forums as well. I hope you’ve started finding a good community. it becomes so much more fun once you have other people to hoop with.

    Best wishes for 2010,


    • Thanks so much Rikki! The Portland area has been really great for hooping. So many great hoopers! We just got the website going and I am very proud of it. http://www.hooptomyloo.com

      Have you been to any of the hooping conferences? I really want to make it to Hoop camp this year. I’m looking forward to learning more. and that time with other hoopers. You are in Hermosa Beach? How is the hooping world there?

      Happy Hooping

      Queen Loo

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