Don’t muffle that child.

My business is coming along.  Hoop to my Loo is making progress, slowly growing into the monster that I imagine it becoming.  But I struggle with the business side of business.  Something always needs to be done.  Banks, stores, websites, inventory, material, shipping, cost, profits, money, projections and etc have continued to pile up on my to-do list. I am learning business one step at a time and trying to allow myself enough room to grow and freak out along the way.  I have been so caught up in making and designing the hoops, writing about the hoops, photographing the hoops, selling the hoops that I have seemed to forgotten to actually hoop myself.

I would be lying if I told you I pop out of bed every morning and run to my hoop and play. I tend to talk my inner child down and tell it that there are adult things to be doing, that I don’t have time to be “playing” right now.  I say, “oh, we will play after I get this done or that done,” and by the end of it, I never picked up my hoop and have found some other “important” thing to be doing.

I am changing this.  Call it a New Year’s Resolution, call it a lifetime commitment, or call it what you will, but it’s time I stop muffling this kid inside of me.  I know full-heartily that I am a happier person when I give myself time to play, to be a kid, to turn music up really loud and dance til I start sweating.  So yesterday, I hooped for an hour. A great hour. Sure, I even had an argument between adult Jill and kid Jill, but we made a compromise and I danced around the garage for an hour. (I did make myself clean the garage before I let myself hoop in the garage. I did say compromise.)  It had been awhile since I hooped so I was sore, but so happy. I felt good, more balanced, centered and solid. Yes, my ever growing to-do list is still waiting for me but I know why I am starting this business. I am a better person because of hooping.  For those of you who are addicted to hooping like I am understand this, understand how hooping has given so much completion that it becomes too difficult to find the right words to explain.  And for those of you who hear your inner child knocking, don’t ignore it.  Whether it’s hooping or some other form of play, don’t muffle that child anymore. Come out and play.


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