My best HOOP Lesson.

Forgive me for saying this, but I have never taken pride in being a woman. Now before you start to argue or criticize, let me explain. I would consider myself a feminist, if by feminist you mean that I support the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. Then Yes, I am a feminist. However, I have never really taken pride in myself as a woman, physically. Like many females in the world, I have constantly debated my body and my image, and never felt completely satisfied with how I look. Whether it was my weight, my skin, my hair, or a number of other things, I have always been able to find something negative about me.

Somewhere along my life’s road, my entire outlook of who I am changed. I am proud to be a woman now and more specifically proud of this body.  And beyond that, I feel more sexual, more beautiful, and more complete than I have ever felt before.

So what was it in my life that sparked this huge transformation? No matter the countless times I have asked myself, I can only find one answer. And simply said, it is hooping. (If you have no idea what I mean by hooping go here:

I am not sure if it was love at first hoop. I cannot give an exact time and day when things changed.  Rather hooping brought me a gradual realization. I have a number of theories or ideas on why hooping has changed me, but I think most importantly it is this:

hooping made me pay attention to myself.

When you start hooping it’s impossible not to pay attention. I started to notice my body and how it moves and flows. I had to pay attention to how the hoop moved around me and at which points the hoop made contact with my body and where my body would need to meet the hoop. I began to be aware of my hips, my breasts, my arms and every single part of me.

I believe every hooper can tell you a story about how hooping has changed something in his or her life. For me, hooping woke me up and made me pay attention. And I am more woman because of it.

Hooping makes me feel sassy, sexy, alive, and more woman than ever before.

So tell me what has hooping done for you?  What do you think hooping can do for you?


3 thoughts on “My best HOOP Lesson.

  1. Hooping makes me fun, girlish, sexy, exciting, excited, it makes me think of amazing things and feeds me the way chocolate does ~ in a sweet, easy, can’t-get-enough but only-really-need-a-little sort of way.

    It made me reconsider beauty.
    It made me reconsider love. Freedom. Sillyness. Letting go.

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