Reasons to Hoop

What are your reasons to hoop?

1.  It’s FUN.
2.  It’s sexy.
3.  Makes you laugh, at least once.
4.  Makes you pay attention.
5.  Great for gaining balance.
6.  Creative Outlet
7.  It’s great for the abs
8.  Builds Self-esteem
9.  Challenging
10. Allows Adults to play
11. Makes me feel centered
12. Great for toning muscles
13. It doesn’t feel like a workout, but it is, oh it is.
14. Great Form of Meditation
15. You feel beautiful
16. I use my imagination
17. It’s good  for Karma
18. It makes you feel like a rockstar
19. You can mess up and no one cares
20. Nearly everyone can do it
21. It livens a party
22. Doesn’t matter how old or young you are
23. Creates passion
24. Captures spontaneity
25. its good for your heart
26. promotes perseverance
27. makes me move
28. makes me happy
29. makes me proud
30. makes me excited
31. increases flexibility
32. Builds confidence
33. Builds Strength
34. Enlightens Mood
35. Great Cardio

Let’s keep adding to this list. Let’s get 1,000 Reasons to Hoop!


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