Hey, It’s Magic. Part I.

Oregon Country Fair: All walks of Creative Life.

After the past amazing weekend at the Oregon Country Fair, I realized I had to somehow find the right words for those who have never been. My friend and fellow hooper said it best, “The Fair is a Magical Land!”

The magic comes from the people.  Rarely, is there a spot to welcome all walks of creative life into one space (a land of forest, river, and meadow). The Fair itself has been around for 41 years. A great history and any questions you may have go to http://www.oregoncountryfair.org/about_ocf.php

So many walks of creative life. Plays, costumes, readings, music, arts and crafts. It's a beautiful event.

More than once have I heard the fair being a called a “hippie” fair. Usually, someone who has never been says, “it’s a hippie fair.” I suppose that if by hippie you mean people who care for the earth, who are artistic, who may wear crazy clothes and might like patchouli, than maybe it is a “hippie fair.”

But there is a little hippie in all of us.

According to the Oxford Dictionary a hippie is:

a person of unconventional appearance, typically having long hair and wearing beads, associated with a subculture involving a rejection of conventional values and the taking of hallucinogenic drugs.

Although you can find your fair (ha. fair.) share of drugs outside of the fairgrounds, (I saw two surprised persons get the shake down on their not so subtle marijuana enjoyment) the fair itself does a healthy job to keep their sacred land free of outside negativity. I think the fair receives its “hippie” title due to “rejection of conventional values.”

Generally, artists are not conventional. If anything an artist pushes the boundaries of conventional, and sets new boundaries just to be pushed again. If you have ever pushed that boundary, you belong at the Fair.  It is no lie when my friend said it is a magical place.  There is a pretty good chance you can wrapped up in beauty on the second weekend of July in Veneta, OR.

What I realized this year, (every Fair I seem to have some sort of epiphany), this year I realized that I am an artist.  Sure, I’ve sort of known this, but for first time I get it.

I get that I am a writer.  And finally, I get that not everyone is.

But two years ago, I found something else that has impacted my life has much as writing.
Hey, nobody ever told me I was going to be a (hula) hooper when I grew up.

But I have.

Stayed tuned for Part II.


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