Hooping Heals my Frustrated Head.

I’m a writer. I try to be other things, but in the end I come back to writing and it is a furious struggle, a constant battle of “I hate myself,” and “I love myself.” When I get in to the pits of “I hate myself” it is a war against myself and at times I won’t let me get out.

When I feel like this, I know I need a good hoop workout.

As usual I headed out to my garage. I started hooping and got so frustrated. There are a few things I have realized about my hooping workouts. After having some of the best workouts at the beach over the passed weekend, I’ve realized
1. space is a huge criteria.  If I am carrying a heavy load in my head, space is even more important than normal. I couldn’t stay in the garage, I couldn’t be under a roof yesterday. I needed to stretch my arms out and throw my hoop in the air.

2. I like to get lost in my music. I like it loud.  I like for it to pound through my body and just make me move. I don’t care how I move, but to just move.
3. I have to hoop for myself.  Of course, I like to have a little spotlight sometimes, but when I am feeling all messed in the head, I have to just shut my eyes and release me into my hoop.

There are days when I am unable to release whatever worries, or stress into my workouts. Unfortunately, there are days when I am stuck to sort out my own mess, but thankfully, those days are few. Usually, hooping just makes me slow down, pay attention, and let calm in and frustration out. So today I’m gonna go find some space, some good music and hoop for myself.


One thought on “Hooping Heals my Frustrated Head.

  1. This is why women outlive men. When we feel stressed we do something about it. Some women shop, some cook, some garden, some (me for instance) write and some (you, obviously) hoop.

    Recently, I hit a wall in a certain situation. Realizing I’d done all I could, I walked out on my deck, raised my arms, and turned over everything! I mentioned that since I was completely out of ideas and options, I was leaving it up to the Universe/God/the Goddess to come up with a solution. 12 hours later I was offered, and accepted, a job. Hooping is kewl, but remember to keep all your options open. 🙂

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