Finding my Out Flow

I have been working on my outflow. Those of you who know what I am talking about understand the emotions your outflow can stir up. It’s super easy to get caught up in our inflow. We get comfortable with working in what we know. We go back to the same moves, the same tricks, the same steps that are easy for us. I am taking on a whole new outlook and trying to combine it with my hooping or perhaps I am taking my hooping to give me a whole new outlook.

It’s amazing how from day to day my flow can change. How is it working today? Shoulders? Hips? Legs? Isolations? And am I listening? It’s not always easy.  90% of the time getting into my hoop is my release, my comfort, my center, but on that rare 10% I have to fight through my own insecurities.  I had a nice breakthrough in my workout this morning.  I have been focusing on my outflow for a good month now, trying to form a fluid transition from inflow to outflow. Feeling the breaks and the movements. I flow to the left and this morning I flowed to the right. I flowed in a way that I haven’t flowed in so long. That first flow. The reason that I started hooping to begin with. Where you realize that there is a orbit around you and look how you can control it. Taking that spiral and wrapping it around my body and controlling it with my hips, my arms, my shoulders. And of course I hit myself in the head and I think I might have bruised my arm, but I loved it. It felt good. And I felt happy and proud of myself because my outflow hasn’t been easy. And I used to think it never would. But after this morning, I don’t think that anymore.

I am posting this video because I have been watching Baxter from Hoop Path and his flow. I think he is brilliant and had to share his brilliance with you.  Don’t be afraid to work on your outflow. It’s not always easy but one day it will be.

What’s your outflow like?


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