The LooLoos Need YOU!

Dear my graphic designer friend.

I have a proposition for you, one I am sure you can’t resist.  I started my own hula hoop company two years ago.  A big help goes to Ms. Mandi Obrien who did so much for me (check out the website )  I’m still trying to get this company off the ground, but there is a bright bright future. One of those shining rays of light is The LooLoos.

The LooLoos is a beautiful group of girls that have come together to share a vision of hooping  and dance.   At the beginning of the 2010, I started asking (the universe? the higher power? the world?) for more people in my life who would help me grow creatively.  One by one these woman entered into my life and I am utterly thankful to find a group of girls who are just as excited about hooping as I am.

But The LooLoos need your help.   This hoop troop is catching on fast and we need the gear to back it up.  So I’m asking anyone who knows stuff about graphic design and will work for hula hoops to contact me.   And I mean however many hula hoops you want as long as it isn’t more than five (ha.) and if you live in the Portland area free hoop lessons. I need logo work, website, business cards, posters, programs, tickets.   There will be a big event hopefully in April. It will be great promotion for yourself as a graphic designer.

So tell your friends, tell your loved ones to Contact me for all the info…

Hoop and Love,


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