From Birth to Business, Today’s Hooping Thought

My hooping birthday, meaning the first time I ever put an adult hoop around me, is something like April or May of 2009. I registered my hula hoop company name in June. What? Did I get that right? I had not even heard of hooping until April and I’m starting a company in June?! Am I crazy? Well, yes.

In April, I was shopping with a friend at a toy store when she ran to the hula hoops and said, “aww. I want a hula hoop.” So we bought two.

I didn’t know there was a world of hoopers (yeah, yeah, insert your joke about basketball here). I just took this Toys R Us hoop home and started waking up in the morning and using it. I liked it. I had fun and it made me feel young.  I hooped in the sun, in the rain, inside, outside.  One night, after dinner with friends I was hooping with the Toys R Us hoop and this guy stops what he is doing and watches me move.  “Where did you learn that?” he asked. “What?” I said

Hooping at the Coast is one of my favorite places to let my thoughts go.


“Where did you learn to hula hoop like that?  Have you been watching youtube?”

I had no idea what he was asking me. But later that night, of course, I youtubed hula hooping. I was blown away. Hello Hooping World.

I bought my first hoop in Portland, OR, at the end of May. I went to pick it up, and HoopShine had left the hoop waiting outside for me. It leaned against the tan wall. Red and black tape. 42 inches.  It rode in the backseat and I kept looking at it, and giggling at myself.  I could not wait to get that thing swinging around my body.

I swung it, I dropped it, I picked it up, and I swung again. And I’ve done it almost everyday ever since. And almost everyday I am taught something new.

So here is today’s hooping thought:
I could never meditate. Meditation? No way, you were not going to make me sit down and be still for any extended amount of time. I don’t enjoy worrying about breathing or holding my pose so still. I don’t like doing it. I like to be moving. Hooping is my meditative exercise. I am more tuned into myself because of hooping. I always find my center. And I am so much more because of it.

What was your hooping thought today?


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