Today’s Hooping Thought: What I am Thankful For

What I am Thankful For.

My hula hoop, all my hula hoops. All the Hula Hoops in the World. I am thankful for everyone’s hula hoop because if my hula hoop brings so much to my life I can only hope that every hula hoop in the world brings as much life to others’ lives.  So please if you don’t have a hula hoop, find a hula hoop and help end HoopLessNess Now.

My hoopy friends. The ones who can watch hooping videos with me, who can talk about moves and steps and tell me how their flow is feeling.  I am truly grateful that I have friends who would rather hoop and dance than eat their way through Thanksgiving.

For the friends who aren’t so hoopy but who listen to me talk about hooping even when I know they wish they could have a normal conversation. I am utterly thankful that you let me share this passion with you even when it gets annoying.

2010 marks a great year for me, for my business, for my life. I have much to be Thankful For.


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