That’s the Night that the Lights went Out.

We had just sat down to eat. Seriously, the fine chef of our Thanksgiving cuisine just sat down at the table. We gave cheers and I think we had time to go around the table and say what we are thankful for (two people said hula hoops).  Before my first bite of turkey was swallowed The lights went out.

Awww… we all said in unison and laughed.  aww… laugh. laugh. laugh.

And they stayed out for a solid two hours.  We ate Thanksgiving Dinner by candlelight and enjoyed pecan pie by the soft, beautiful lighting of the LED Hoop. It was my favorite Thanksgiving ever.   We made a stage and everyone took turns learning new tricks and performing them.  At one point there were five hoopers in the small living room surrounded by candles, practicing isolations.

It was beautiful thing.


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