The LooLoos

At the beginning of the 2010, I started asking (the universe? the higher power? the world?) for more people in my life who would help me grow creatively.  I am not surprised these women have crossed my path. I take confidence in knowing that things happen for reasons.  I am extremely and utterly thankful to find a group of girls who are just as eager to start a hoop troop as I am.  I believe each of us owns amazing talents and gifts that we can share and use to help each other grow as hoopers, as women, as people.

In the Urban Dictionary a LooLoo is a good looking woman, but it can also mean a crazy person. We are a bit of both. From the song Skip to my Loo (or Lou) there are a few different versions of what the Loo means. Some say Lou is a woman’s name, while other beliefs conclude that if Loo is spelled in this way it is derived from a Scottish word meaning Love. So if we put it all together we are: crazy good looking women who love (to hoop). That just about sums it up.
Someone said to me yesterday, “I am really happy to see how hooping has changed your life.”  This is true and I’ll be the first person to tell you how it has, but right now, I am extremely thankful for these women.  I have big plans for The LooLoos.  Whenever I hear music I see The LooLoos hooping. With our creative souls there is no stopping us. Each LooLoo is unique and beautiful. So my hats off to you Doctor Spin, Bad Kitty, Zig Zag, and Smokey. May 2010 be the year of The LooLoos!!


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