I Look Back, I Hoop Forward.

It was so cold. My gloves were still wet from the bike ride the night before. It always rains in Portland, but I am never prepared.

I was at the stoplight and pushed forward about to head down a curving hill. Just as I started to gain momentum my collapsible hoop fell out of its strap, off my back, hit the back tire and fell to the ground. I was able to stop about three feet away from it, ran back and picked it up.  I got back on my bike and flew down the hill, my breath visible in the air. I came to yet another stop light, traffic coming from four different directions. As I stood there on my bike, I realized the stop light I was waiting on was the first stop light I had seen in Portland three years before.

I know it’s a weird time to have a “AHA! Moment” but as I waited on that stop light I realized how many changes and beginnings had come to my life. I had first stopped at the light in a car loaded down with every possession I had to my name. As I looked at the buildings that I was now familiar with I thought back to that moment when I had maps in my lap and a hungry boyfriend driving our small car. I thought about that first moment our small hatchback rolled off the interstate and onto Portland soil. How fresh and exciting life was, a new adventure, another beginning.

As I stood there I let out a big sigh, and blew into my hands. My hoop hugged my back and I felt confidence as that cold air bit at my skin. I realized hooping had given me that same exciting feeling. That same weird rush that made me feel alive and happy. And though 2010 brought changes to my life that I didn’t expect, 2010 gave me a new outlook, an outlook filled with adventure, excitement, and of course hula hoops.

And by the way in case you wondered, I am an expert at bike riding with my hula hoops. This was in the summer of 2009 before I started making collapsible hoops.



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