Day 5. So Good.

Today’s Hooping workout was really amazing and I will have more to share with you at a future date, but today I was inspired  to write piece of amazing writing. (Please say amazing with your mouth very open so it’s like Ahhh- MaYYYY- Z-I-N-G, and maybe add a British accent to it. That will help.)

The Process.
New Life. New routine. Yoo-hoo’s. Moons. New tattoos. Catching waves. Hot tubs. Cigars. Bourbon. Bikes. Dancing. Day Dreaming. Hula Hooping. Phone Crying. Compulsive cleaning. More hula hooping. Stressed-out over eating. Anorexic non-eating. Definitely late night heavy drinking. Black-outs. Fade outs. Time outs. Cried out. Pizza in bed. Too much internet. Facebook. Pills took. The Up. The Down. The middle ground. Break up. Gave up. Fucked Up. Future. Believing. Remembering. Hooping. Moving. Proving. More. Here. True. Tall. Loud. More. Dancing. Singing. Being. Stopping. Calming. Knowing. Hooping. Strong. and A Yoo-Hoo for the Road.


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