Day 6: Found some flow on the Mountain.

I went snowboarding last night for the first time. (Some people might call me a natural.)  I stayed in a cabin with good friends and we took our turns hula hooping in the kitchen, in the snow, in the living room, wherever we made the room.  (I’m going to learn to hoop while on my snowboard. It’s a hooping goal for the the 2011-2012 snow season. No fear it will happen. Dude.)

Anyway, before we left for the mountain I was waiting for my friend to get off work. I opened up my collapsible hoop and danced around the Applebee’s patio. (Beats Antique “Extra Extra” played loud in my ears.)  I moved, hooped, and got into my center. This 30/30 challenge has been perfect and necessary. For months I had my own “hoop practice” and somewhere along the way I lost it. Getting back to a routine, getting back to a practice is exactly the balance I needed and was missing in my life.  I’m feeling whole, healthy, and emotionally strong.  My flow has changed, as I am sure I have changed.  I have more stalls, more turns, more spins. It feels good. Creatively, I am truly flowing and finding the place that I need to be in to effortlessly concentrate on my art.  It isn’t that I haven’t been asking for it, I just sometimes forget the answer is so simply in my hoop.


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