Day 8. I see the BIG Picture and Ninja Hoopers.

When I hear music, when I hoop, when I move – I see the big picture.  I see the entire ensemble, the orchestra, the drummers, the costumes, the makeup, the storyline… I see it all. Even when I was really young, I saw music. I hear music and I see it being played out, being danced to, being physically told through movement.

So, I am going to make this happen. I am putting the show together. And if you build it, they will come… right? Today on the way to the LooLoo’s HoopJam, I had vision of a routine that would be a battle between two ninja hoopers… (don’t worry if you can’t visualize it, you’ll be able to see it very soon.) Doctor Spin and I worked on a cool over the shoulder toss to each other.  Really what you need to understand, today was awesome. I’m seeing the big picture and I’m seeing it get smaller. It’s awesome.

What’s your big picture?


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