Understand my Tight Rope

What day is it?
I’m not going to lie, I haven’t been hooping. Not since Sunday. It’s Wednesday. I mean last night I did swirl the hoop around my hips, but I didn’t actually hoop. I’m not going to give you excuses, but I could. I have many of them.  Instead I’m going to think about the idea of a hoop practice.  What is my hoop practice? What do I need it to be?

I can tell when I haven’t been hooping enough. Hooping is a practice for me, like yoga is a practice for so many people. I start to lose my center when I don’t hoop. Small problems become bigger inside my head, emotions become more confusing and overwhelming and life seems harder. Hooping eases me. Life continues to happen and if I don’t hoop I am not prepared for it.

This 30/30 Challenge has helped me figure out my practice. I’m figuring out my balance. I’m understanding my tightrope. Hooping 3x a week? 4? 5?  Today is the third day in a row that I haven’t hooped. I’m jonesin for some hooping, but don’t worry this day isn’t over yet.

How do you stay balanced?




One thought on “Understand my Tight Rope

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