Find your Light.

Find Your Light.

I can tell you that I think about hooping all the time. Pretty much all the time. Everything in my world somehow is connected to hooping.  I can’t help but gush when I talk about hooping.  It has changed my life and entire being.  I am a whole new person because of this.  And I can’t help but light up when I talk about it. When I say to you that yes, hooping changed my life, I mean it. I mean it from the top of the last hair follicle on my head down to the smallest tip of my last toenail.

I’ve done some pretty amazing things in my life. I have met some pretty radical people and been somewhat radical myself (depending on who you talk with) but I’m confident that nowadays few things bring me such pure, instant, joy than hooping. And if I get the chance to jam with my hoopers, if I get to geek out about hoops and move with them at these HoopJams, my cup of joy runneth over. I’m fairly certain it is what my heaven looks like. Good music, good souls, and a whole lot of hooping.

At times I feel like I have so much light now inside of me, especially when I start thinking about hooping, and talking about it. Sometimes I need so badly to share it, to show you how this innocent object has impacted my small world, and pushed to make my world bigger, and brighter. 

At this part of my hooping world, I have a dream to create a big show. I have a story that I am adapting into a dance. I’m not sure yet how to call it, this hoop ballet, hoopdance, this movement, hoop movement. When I am around my fellow hoopers, when I get to go to these HoopJams and get the chance to watch these beautiful people spin and flow I am instantly inspired and this hoop movement, this hoop dance, gets clearer and clearer.

I had the joy of attending The Alvin Ailey Dance Theater when they were in town.  The beauty of these dancers. The rhythm and lines, the incredible fluidity of their movement touched me. I want to create a show that can impact a person how these amazing professional dancers’ movements impacted me. So I may look crazy when I am out in my garage or street or bus stop and I am moving to the music in my head.  I hope it makes you happy. I hope you feel that I am inspired, that I am moved. 

So find your joy, find what your hooping is and let it spark your creativity.

“Learn the craft of knowing how to open your heart and to turn on your creativity. There’s a light inside of you.”  -Judith Jamison, artistic director of The Alvin Ailey Dance Theater

What’s your light?


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