3 AM Pajama Hooping

3 AM Pajama Hooping

Last night I did a little 3AM hooping in my garage. I couldn’t sleep. I haven’t been able to sleep for a few days now. I think the universe is trying to tell me something. I’m trying to listen, but honestly I don’t want to. I have feeling in the pit of my stomach that makes me uneasy.  As I hooped in my pajamas, I closed my eyes and listened to the music losing myself in my movement.  And like someone shot me in the gut a feeling came over me.

You are going to have make some very tough decisions. This is not going to be easy.”

That was not what I wanted to hear.  Normally, I can hoop my way through whatever emotion I need to figure out. This is different. Bigger. In need of attention. It’s taking me out of my normal flow. I know I haven’t opened myself up fully to what I need to, but I’m not sure I am ready.

Maybe after a few more pajama hooping parties, I’ll be prepared to make these tough decisions.

What helps you make your decisions?


One thought on “3 AM Pajama Hooping

  1. Necessity. Necessity helps me make my decisions. And doing whatever gets rid of that pit feeling in my stomach.

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