Hooping is My Bag

Hooping is My Bag

This is what I have almost convinced myself of: I think I have split my personality. I met someone the other day who is just as obsessed about hooping as I am. I find this nearly impossible, actually so impossible that I think that some of my personality split off of me and formed another person. My obsession for hooping got so big that it had to split off of me and formed an entire new human being. This person probably doesn’t really exist. I’m not sure yet. It seems too good to be true. Finding a person that you can geek out with about the one thing that brings so much joy, it’s amazing, and absolutely surreal. Could it be real at all?

Meghan Daum wrote a great article called Music is My Bag. I read this in a nonfiction class when I was in college.  My professor asked all of us what our bag was. In 2003, I didn’t have a bag. But along the way I found it. Did my hooping bag get so big that I had to create an imaginary person to talk it over with? Maybe it did, but in the end I don’t really care. I’ll hoop with an imaginary friend any day.

What’s your bag?


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