Me Time.

So, today I nursed a hangover that came from top shelf convenient store white wine I drank last night with a good friend.  Because of this awesome hangover, I didn’t go hooping. You know I felt bad because I live for Thursday hooping. I love turning up the music really loud and letting go, being surrounded by my fellow beautiful hoopers,  having all the space and mirrors to see how something might look and how I might make it better. I love Thursday HoopJams

Anyway, I did something today that I have not done in a long time. My schedule can be a bit nutty just like the next person’s.  This is not a complaint, because we all have our stories. We all have our high highs and our low lows right? Anyway I seem to always have somewhere to go – do not mistake me, this is not a bad thing in my world – I like being busy. However, because I have places to get to I rarely have the allotted amount of time for myself.  So today, instead of going hooping which is my most favoritest thing ever in the whole wide world, I took my time getting ready for my day. People, when is the last time you all have done this?  It’s pretty awesome. I had no where to be. I took a super long perfect shower, painted my nails, wore a face mask, had a pretty awesome day.   I may not have gone hooping but I did get so much me time today. (Mind you I still kind of have a hangover as I write this article so it isn’t all that perfect, but I smell nice and feel super clean. Huge plus.) I just reminded myself today that hooping is my favorite me-time activity, but taking really long showers and pampering myself is probably second. And Hangovers aren’t anywhere on that list.

What is your favorite me time activity?


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