Where am I Going and Do I Need my Hoop?

Where am I going and do I need my hula hoop?

I am about to turn 30. That’s right my grandmother’s youngest grandkid is about to turn the big three o.  When my cousin turned 30 she locked herself in her room and cried. So how am I going to deal with this new age?

Before you say, “oh geez, you are still so young.”  I know already that. I’m not saying I’m turing old, but lately, I’ve realize that I’m growing up. I understand now that

there are many tomorrows left in me and I hope to take a hold of those tomorrows and wrestle them to the ground like the people of my family have, like I have been taught to do.

Recently, old age has affected my family. I’m trying as well as an any other 30 year old person could, to understand the balance that life and time bring to us.

So I have been reflecting on me. On my life and my journey, my next direction in the world. I have a lot of offer. It’s not an arrogance but confidence. I come pack with a lot of energy and I need my  focus to be clear before I fire my energy into a certain direction. I’ve learned in my short life, it can be too big for some.

So now we get to hooping. I have been on somewhat of a sabbatical from hooping this year. For nearly the past six months I have not really held the hoop and used it as my meditation, or my practice. Oh, I’ve thought plenty about hooping. But isn’t it amazing how our financial worlds can affect our whole being? You know the feeling. “Holy cow am I making the right financial decision? I think I’m going to throw up.” I’m a creative soul and I’m having to teach myself to become a double headed person. Business and finances make me want to throw up.  So I took a break for six months. Tried to not think about hooping and the business. But you know what? I could not shut that voice off in my head saying, “This is your calling. You’ll find your balance. Be patient.”

So here I am about to approach 30. Openly accepting my tomorrows because soon I’ll find my balance, my confidence and my strength. I’m not certain of what I will find to equate a balanced life, but I am certain hooping will ever be present.

What did you realize on your 30th birthday? How did you deal with it?


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