Hooprah Winfrey Interviews the Queen of Aro Island

This is a fun little writing exercise you can read a little about: http://jilljamison.wordpress.com/2012/05/03/catchawave


I had a chance to sit down and talk with the Queen of Aro Island. She has reigned over this land of Hoopers for one full year. I got a brief chance to sit down with the 25 year-old Queen. The crowned, blonde headed Queen sat comfortably wearing a dark purple cape. She fidgeted with her wooden ring she wore on her right hand as I talked with her about the past twelve months.

Hooprah Winfrey: Thank you, Your Majesty, for joining me today. I’m sure you must have a busy schedule.
Queen: It’s my pleasure.

HW It’s been one year since taking the crown. How are you holding up?
Q: Can you believe it has been that long? I’m doing great. Surprisingly, I am doing great.

HW: What’s been the toughest challenge since taking over the reign?
Q: Realizing that I am in fact the Queen. It’s still hard to hear people say “Queen”. I expect to turn around and see Grandma standing behind me. Oh, you’re talking to me. Oh, right, right right. I’m the Queen. Forgot.  In all seriousness though, I think the hardest part is handling the loss of my grandmother. I think I was lucky in the sense that we knew it was coming, you know? So, I got to learn from Grandma Queen. My entire self changed when I found out she was sick. As did hers. She prepared me. But I still miss her.

HW: Grandma Queen became very ill after she returned from Lavia.  Lavia is a hoopless land that lies only fifty miles from the shores of Aro Island. How are the relations between Aro Island and Lavia?
Q: It continues to be a stressful situation. There is tension, and there has always been tension. There are complicated histories within these two countries. I am doing everything I can to create a peaceful relationship.

HW: The most recent complicated history is the Duchess of Aro Island marrying the Duke of Lavia. It has been ten years since the wedding, but it was after returning from the wedding on Lavia when Grandma Queen became ill. Have you talked with the Duchess? How is your relationship?
Q: We talked over the holidays.  We don’t talk much. Every few months.  She is my cousin and I will continue to love her. Even though we are ten years apart and I was only fourteen when she married the Duke and moved to Lavia, we were very close and I miss her.

HW: Grandma Queen was struck with such a unique energy transferring illness that is believed to only come from the Valley of Rapture, which so happens to be in Lavia.  Do you believe that the Duke of Lavia had something to do with Grandma Queen’s illness like so many Hoopers believe?
Q: I have no clear answers. I continued to ask for answers from Grandma Queen when she was still alive. She relentlessly continued to tell me that there was no need to worry. So I have never put my energy into such an assumption. Grandma Queen would not allow it.  I think she knew the answer, but never told me clearly. Always said I would find out in time.

HW: Some non-hoopers criticize your decision not to wage war.
Q: Aro Island is the land of Hoopers. Hoopers are the keepers of happiness. We understand the energy behind elation. And every hooper knows how heavy War is. It destroys happiness. I talked for many hours with Grandma Queen. War is never an answer. Especially unjustified war. Grandma Queen herself never once blamed the Duke of Lavia for her illness.  I cannot in good conscious set to take a revenge. It’s against everything I believe in as a Hooper. I’m supported and advised with a great Hoop Troop. I am confident in my decision.

HW: And how is the Troop?
Q: Everyone has really pulled together. They are an amazing group of Hoopers.

HW: For generations every Queen of Aro Island has surrounded herself with a certain group of Hoopers, known as the Queen’s Hoop Troop. You have kept many of Grandma Queen’s Hoopers on your troop. How did you come to choose your troop?
Q: There is a huge importance with the Hoopers I have chosen to be part of the Troop. Each one has a unique gift. I sought to surround myself with young and older Hoopers.  There is an excellent balance of physical talent as well as intelligence. I have my sounding boards, my advisors, and amazing Hoopers. I continue to learn from each one of them everyday.

HW: You have received some backlash from choosing Lady to join your troop. Why choose such a young Hooper?
Q: I know Lady is only eleven. (Hoopers don’t start hooping until the age of ten.) But I have never seen a Hooper learn as quickly as she can. And she brings a hunger, and love of life and learning that is refreshing. There is also a connection that I have with Lady that I have with few other Hoopers. We were both raised by older women. Growing up without parents is interesting enough in itself, but being raised by these women that we were raised by, it’s been a unique situation. I know she is young, but I am young. She reminds me of that.

HW: You are planning the Annual Granite Rock Campout, a celebration of Aro Island. How is it going?
Q: Aren’t you just so excited? It’s the first year I have been able to plan the whole event. I have been working closely with Randalla, the Ambassador of the Merfolk. We have a great show planned and I know Grandma Queen would be really proud. I can’t wait.

Queen clapped her hands like a child of wonder. And has quickly has she seemed so young, she immediately seemed so old. Queen’s assistant, Blue Maiden stepped in, and whispered in the young Queen’s ear. Queen nodded her head and turn to me and apologized. “My attention is needed elsewhere. I’m sorry I must go.” We said our good byes and Queen took the ring off her finger and flipped it so it grew into her hoop.  She turned back to me and said, “See you at the campout!” She climbed into her hoop and flew off.


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