What’s your Scenario?


It has been about a year since I realized I had to put my business down to sleep, take it to the vet and ask the vet nicely to please give the drugs so my business can die. And that ladies and gentlemen is a very hard decision to come to.

Owning a business is hard and I can tell you a list of reasons why. Mostly, it’s stressful. It all boils down to money, and worrying about money is stressful. I was breaking out in hives, having panic attacks, feeling lethargic, sad, elated and then, ultimately, crazy. Sometimes when I start to think about how stressed I got owning hooptomyloo, I can feel my chest tighten and my breath quicken. I’ve had to take some time away to try and understand what hooping really means to me.

So, my sabbatical is coming to an end. I am slowly peeking my head out of the hole I burrowed myself in.  I’m still not sure yet what will come of my hooping, but, I do know it’s here to stay. What do they say about the things you love, set it free and if it returns then it was meant to be. I always thought that was a load of horse shit, but hey, works in this scenario.

Whats your scenario?


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