Circle Power

So I have been talking about hooping again.  Since I started a new job, I am surrounded by new people who have no idea what I really mean when I say hooping. It’s not their fault, I know it isn’t and if the shoe were on the other foot I might make the same mistake. Is anyone else tired of people saying “Whaaaaaaat? pooping? Oh, haha, I thought you said pooping.” And they laugh and laugh and search for anyone near who will laugh with them and exchange a number of bathroom jokes.

I probably won’t talk to you about my pooping workout, or how I had a pooping company, or my pooping friends.

The list of jokes goes on and on and I think I have heard them all. Sometimes, I wish hooping was called something else. Round? Do you round? Or maybe Circle power? Oh, do you circle power? I kind of like it.

What would you call hooping if it wasn’t hooping?


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