queen of all things Hooping.

queen of all things Hooping.

how the hoop changed my life.

(my blog to a book deal.) 

By: jill jamison

queen of hooping

Post 1.


I am a queen, a small queen in a large world. I don’t know how I became the Queen, but I did, and I called myself Queen and I loved it.

I was Queen of all things hooping.

And here is where I say something cliche about my life in the hula hoop, about how I traveled my many years of life to finally find the one thing that would save me from my own depression, and negativity. That I found this magical, beautiful life saving piece of plastic in a toy store. But really, I’ll tell you right now that I am addicted to the hula hoop. Once an addict always an addict. It is my drug, a prescription given to me by the doctor of the universe, and I am so proud.

When I found the hoop, I found myself in a whole new world.  I did the things that we hoop-addicts do. I watched every youtube video on hooping, every tutorial. I found the chatrooms, the forums, the organizations. Soon, I started to make my own hula hoops and make my own videos, and before I knew it, heck I had started my own hula hoop company, my own website. From there I was really drinking the hooping kool-aid and I started teaching hula hoop classes, and after school programs, and starting hoop troops. My addiction had gotten so bad that I was known throughout my neighborhoods, my parents neighborhoods and my friends upon friends as the crazy hula hoop lady.

When I start talking about the hula hoop, I have to choose my words very carefully. I love the hula hoop so much.  There is a fire inside of me that always burns for the hula hoop. When anyone gets me talking about the possibilities that the hoop that can bring, my fire starts to erupt. I get diarrhea of the mouth, and become a windup toy that won’t stop. And that scares people.

I am very passionate for the hoop, and I protect that passion dearly, usually with humor or sarcasm. So I am sure, I am positive that someone along the way, called me queen of all things hooping, and somewhere down this hooping road, someone put it on a business card, and I loved it. queen of all things Hooping.

But so is the balance of our way, and somewhere along my way I became the Queen of all things hooping. In the beginning of my wonderful journey it was queen of all things Hooping.  because we are all queens. and Hooping is the bigger of us. Somewhere on path with the hoop I let myself become the Queen of hooping.

And now I know better. Thank you for reading my fellow queens of all things Hooping.


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