Every Hoop Has A Beginning, Doesn’t It?

Neon Green Hula Hoop Space Ship

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Every Hoop Has a Beginning, Does’t It?

Everyone has a story. Everyone at least has a beginning.  Some stories begin at festivals, in parks, beside friends and loved ones, through youtube, and even classes. Some stories begin with curiosity, research, or just by chance. My story began in a toy store.

My first memory of ever putting a hula hoop around my body I was 27 years old.  As a child, I never won a contest, never had any desire to push the hoop around my hips.  I did own a neon green hula hoop, but I used it to pretend that I was orbiting through space and time as I curled up inside of it laying on my bed.

No matter how hard I think, I do not have one memory of spinning a hoop around me until the day I stood in an empty children’s swimming pool at the toy store and spun a pink sparkly hoop around my body at the age of 27. Like magic the hoop seemed to wake good memories up inside of me. I couldn’t stop smiling, and I knew from the first spin, I was hooked. I paid my eight dollars with a giggle, and took the Toys R Us hoop home with me.

part 2


What’s your beginning?


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