Every Hoop has a Beginning, Doesn’t It? Part 3

Part 3

Every Hoop has a Beginning, Doesn’t It? Part 3

continued from part 2

The world wide web is an essential tool for any grown adult who may have fallen in love with a hula hoop. Youtube is the lighthouse to the ocean of hula hoops, the beacon, the incredible linking force.  It’s at least a good place to get mounds of information, overwhelmingly so.  I and my new found love started to grow being only watered by the videos of youtube.

Hours upon hours upon hours of watching videos and videos. I had just uncovered Narnia. I had been introduced to the Promise Land and I could drink and eat and never be full.   I started with the tutorials, and trick breakdowns. I followed the instruction of the eHow girls, and took my lessons from those who had been on the hooping road for awhile. The masters.

There were so many people in the world who shared my love for the hula hoop. I couldn’t believe it.

To this day I remember the first video I ever watched. It was titled  “hopping” instead of “hooping” because I typed it in wrong as did the person who uploaded the video. I watched the hoppy video over and over. It was the most beautiful, amazing thing I had ever seen. I watched it. I studied it. I watched it again. I had never seen anyone move like this woman did. I immediately not only wanted to meet this girl with her blonde dreadlocks, tan skin and gypsy chic style, but I wanted to be this person (but without the dreadlocks). A passion erupted from inside of me.

And the internet was my doorway I needed. It allowed me fuel and feed my passion.  I not only found videos, but websites and communities dedicated to the love of the hoop.

Part 4

(I now know that video was of Lisa Lottie, a hooper who performs in London mostly.)

What was your first video?


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