Every Hoop has a Beginning, Doesn’t it? Part 4

Hoop part 4

This is one of my favorite pictures.

Every Hoop has a Beginning, Doesn’t it? Part 4
continued from part 3

Once, I had stepped through the hooping doorway, even my language began to change.  It took no time to realize I did not want to say, ‘hula hoop.’ I may have bought a ‘hula hoop’ at the toy store, and I may have been ‘hula hooping,’ but my position quickly changed when I understood that I wanted to hoop.

Suddenly, even saying ‘hula hoop’ created a vision of a thin piece of plastic to me, flimsy and weak.  I wanted the strong and beautiful hoop I saw in these videos.  “Hoop.” Even saying it out loud I felt strength rise up inside of me.  I needed to hoop.  I needed a hoop.

My glittery pink toy store hoop was ill-fitted for my adult body. Like skis fit certain body types and certain styles of skiing, hoops fit each of us differently.  The rule is – the bigger they are the easier they are.  There is no wrong size hoop. If it can be hooped with it’s a perfect hoop.  But I was a woman. I was certainly bigger than a child. I needed a woman’s hoop, not one meant for someone half my size.

I combed the websites of the hundreds of different hoop companies.  There is every color, every design, every type of hoop out there.  Hundreds of circles to choose from. Handmade and crafted beautiful pieces of art.  I wouldn’t pay money for just any old hoop, but I did not have any deep desire to have any particular sparkle or color.  I wanted, nearly needed a hoop. When I finally decided on a company to order from, I had the option to pick red, blue, green, pink or yellow.  I chose red. Or maybe it choose me since red is the color of strength, power and energy.  I paid $30, waited four days, and went to pick up the hoop I ordered from a local hoop maker.

Part 5


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