Every Hoop Has a Beginning, Doesn’t It? Part 6

Part 6

Every Hoop Has a Beginning, Doesn’t It? Part 6

Continued from Part 5

Mihaly Czikscentmihalyi, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology from Claremont Graduate University, and author of Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience says that in most cases when people find their “flow,” or what athletes may call ‘being in the zone,’ there isn’t an outside influence for this feeling.  But there is no question that there is an internal desire to do something difficult or demanding and for this feeling, he coined it, ‘flow.’ The moment when you love something so much and wish it could go on for hours and hours and for that time, nothing else matters. For some it’s their job, others sex or exercise, and yet other reading, sewing, whatever it may be, we all have those moments when we find our flow.

Immediately Hooping was my flow.  When I spun the red hoop around my body I forgot about stress and anxiety. I felt amazing. I hadn’t felt a flow in a very, very long time.

Of course the next practical thing to do was find someone to teach me how to use my flow.  For the most part I got everything I needed from the internet, but couldn’t resist the want to take a class.   I talked two of my girlfriends to sign up with me for a HoopDance Beginner’s Intensive workshop.

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