It’s an Old Soul, But It’s Got a Young Heart. Part 3


It’s an Old Soul, But It’s Got a Young Heart. Part 3
Chapter 2 Part 3

Continued from part 2.

Whether or not String Cheese Incident was the entire reason behind the new age of the “hula hoop,” it definitely helped spur a movement that began to snowball.
Who knows maybe one of the rhythmic gymnasts escaped the 1984 Summer Olympics, and brought her hoop to a festival somewhere in California. However the craze started, it has continued to grow.
By 2003, the hoop started making an appearance at more and more summer festivals.  Winding its ways through the jam band scene and liberal gatherings, the hoop was known to be at Bonnaroo in Manchester TN,  Burning Man in Nevada, North West String Summit, in Oregon, and popping up in small venues from east to west.
What started out as the ‘hippie’s toy’, began to grow into something so much more.  Hooping began to take on a whole new meaning, and people began to associate with one another as hoopers.  Inevitably, the right minds were going to come together, and before long, yet again, human’s age old invention would find a new market.

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