It’s an Old Soul, but It’s Got a Young Heart. Part 8


It’s an Old Soul, But It’s Got a Young Heart. Part 8.

Continued from Part 7. 

Suddenly, the little old hula hoop from our childhood memories had become bigger than ever expected. Taking on a whole new identity comparing easily with yoga and aerobic classes, the hooping community continued to grow at a rapid speed seeing a surge of a new hoopers in all ages and sizes.

Not only was hooping growing because of the idea of physical fitness, but the hoop allowed for a mental focus that beneficial for healing.  In a documentary called, The Hooping Life, Jonathan Baxter explains, “People who suffer from depression, like me, don’t choose to be sad, with the hoop and that rhythm it’s a soothing, kinda rocking in cradle motion that calms me. The Hoop path is my path towards happiness.”

Hooping was an outlet in a varietal of ways, physically, mentally and creatively. It has progressed greatly from 50’s era, and grown widely since the yearly days of 90’s music festivals and only looks to keep gaining momentum.

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