It’s an Old Soul, but It’s Got a Young Heart. Part 9


It’s an Old Soul, but It’s Got a Young Heart.
Chapter 2 Part 9

Continued from Part 8

The weight of the word has taken on a whole new meaning. “I am a hooper,” means something more than “I am someone who spins a toy around their waist.” This is an absolute fascinating idea because the hoop is essentially a toy to us, but it is extremely beneficial in more ways than one. People who were overweight, people who were depressed, people who were injured were all gaining benefits from hooping.  Thanks to, it become easy to connect with other hoopers, and easily the ideas and concepts that had essentially come from these three markets (HoopPath, HoopGirl, and Hoopnotica) were being shared with one another. And the community and hoop businesses were growing as well.  From production, to teaching, to performance there was a lot of room for everyone.  The market, the culture, the community continued to grow has more and more people found the appeal, and more and more business found the spot light be it national or local.

Part 10


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