It’s an Old Soul, but It’s Got a Young Heart. Part 10


It’s an Old Soul, but It’s Got a Young Heart
Chapter 2 Part 10

Continued from Part 9

From production, to teaching, to performance there was a lot of room for developing hoop business.  The market, the culture, the community continued to grow has more and more people found the appeal.  Businesses found the spotlight both nationally and locally as the benefits of hooping were being broadcasted by more and more sources. More websites, more teachers, more product sources, more hoop paraphernalia from all walks of life were developing in large cities, small towns, in the east coast and west coast, as well as globally.
How quickly the sensation has spread.

“In a culture where we spend so much time sitting at desks and are discouraged from moving our hips (at least in public), hooping was a profound awakening for me,” writes Christabel Zamor in her book, Hooping: a Revolutionary Fitness Program. “I began holding a weekly hoop event and shared hooping with everyone I knew. Soon, phone calls and emails were pouring in from people seeking hoop classes, and guidances and asking if I was ‘the hoop girl.’  That was the beginning of my company, HoopGirl, which has exploded into an empire of group classes, instructional DVDs, performances and teacher certification programs.”

Hooping has surged in popularity so much so that entire conferences are now dedicated to hoopers.  Growing in numbers every year are gatherings such as Hoop Camp in California, Hoop Convergence in North Carolina, Spin Summit in Colorado, and Sacred Circularities in Bali, Indonesia.

As more and more people begin to turn to the hoop for their means of exercise, meditation and entertainment there seems to be no reason to see a decline in the popularity.  The circle which in turn is the hoop has been around since the beginning of time.  By the looks of things, the hoop will be around for many more.

Chapter 3


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