Chapter 3 It’s All in the Tape.


Chapter 3

It’s All in the Tape.

In that dance studio, in front of the mirror, I saw myself, caught a small glimpse, a simple pure reflection of me, and I was changed. I was no longer the girl I used to be. Instead, I was a strong, beautiful woman who moved in love and grace.  Seeing myself in the flow, I realized at that moment just how great I could be, how powerful I was. I wanted, almost needed to tell everyone how amazing I felt and how it was because of a simple circle, a hoop.

By the end of the class, I was so in love with myself that I was ready to start a business. I had loved the saying “find something you love to do and learn to get paid for it.”  I found hoopdance and I had fallen head over heels in love with it.

Looking back, hindsight is 20/20, but I laugh at myself. We had to fill out questionnaires at the end of the class and the last question asked. “why did you take the class?”

I answered, writing very meticulously, “Because I want to start my own hoop business.”  One month or so after finding the hoop, I was announcing it right there, to no one but myself, the universe and maybe the hoop instructor if she read it.

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