It’s All in the Tape. Part 2.

Hoop Tape

It’s All in the Tape.
Chapter 3, Part 2.

continued from chapter 3 part 1

I wanted to start a hoop business. I wanted to be surrounded by hoops, drinking in their energy, spinning in their joy.

Perhaps if I would have spent a little more time inside of my hoop, and actually put some thought into starting a business, I may have changed my mind. But I doubt it. The one thing that was going to push me forward was the passion that I had for the hoop, it spilled out of me and I loved it.

Within days, I followed the instructions from Jason Strauss, and made my first hoop.  I pieced together seven in all, and decorated each differently using three different colors of electrical tape and turquoise duct tape.

Wrapping up a piece of black irritation tubing with colorful tape is extremely rewarding, and frustrating all at the same time. There are strategies in hoop taping, ways to lay the tape that either make the hoop prettier or more functional, and sometimes both. And the type of tape can make or break the hoop.  Electrical, duct, gapher, scrapbook, cloth, glow-in-the dark, safety tape, masking tape, double-sided, and scotch, all have their pros and cons when it comes to taping a hoop. Since pressure-sensitive tape made it’s appearance in 1845, there have been hundreds of varieties that have been invented and I’ve probably tried them all.

Part 3


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