It’s All in the Tape. Part 3



It’s All in the Tape.

Chapter 3 Part 3

Continued from Chapter 3 Part 2

Once I figured out how easy it was to make hoops, I went crazy making hoops of every single size. At one point, I had to stand on the coffee table to tape up my biggest hoop.  I had hoops in the garage, in the living room, hanging out in the basement. To someone else, there was a hoop invasion going on, but for me, oh, it was paradise.  There were hoops for everyone.

On sunny days, I would open up the garage door and throw the hoops out for the world. If you build the hoop, they will come. It’s completely true.  And I was building hoops. I was going to home depot at least once a week, standing in the long, tall aisles sorting my way through the 100PSI, 160 PSI, the 1/2 inch or 3/4 of irrigation tubing. I’d cut through the 100 foot long bundles with PVC cutters and have between 8 to 10 35 inch to 42 inch tall hoops.

In the beginning, I really believed that I had to stretch the hoop out overnight. To me the circles seemed tighter if I stretched the piece of plastic out before I connected it together with the plastic insert, so I would have ten to twelve pieces of irrigation tubing stretched out in the basement.


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