It’s All in the Tape. Part 6

hoop to my loo

It’s All in the Tape. Part 6

Continued from Chapter 3 Part 5

The spelling had changed? Somewhere along this road of etymology Loo actually meant Love? Hoop to my love? Oh, my goodness, I have just named my company.

Hoop to my loo. I laid in bed wide awake all night. I called my friend a dozen times to make sure it was a good name. “Am I crazy? Is it a good name? It is, right?”

I am kind of crazy, true. Very true. I knew Loo would still be tricky. Internationally, it would be tricky. The current definition of Loo means, “bathroom” in most of the Britain.  But I loved everything else about it about the name “hoop to my loo.”

I laid out all of my worries on the table about the name, and one by one I assured myself along the way.  “I can handle my international success when I get it,” I can remember my crazy, passionate brain thinking. And I registered myself with the state of Oregon as a business. Hoop to my Loo was born.

I wish I could remember exactly what I was thinking on this day. I had no idea what I was about to do.  Registering myself and my hoop as a company was about to make a beautiful relationship become a bit tricky.  The hoop was about to teach me a lesson, multiple lessons, that I didn’t know I needed to learn. When I started Hoop to my Loo, and perhaps other hoop business owners may understand this, I started to change in my perspective of just how big the hoop is, and for me, I found that knowledge made it really hard for me.  (I will talk more about this in Chapter 6.)


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