It’s All in the Tape. Part 8


It’s All in the Tape Part 8.

Continued from Chapter 3 Part 7

I managed to sell all but two hoops.  I felt like a celebrity and if I had any reservations about starting a business, I hooped them all away that night.  I met so many people who showed a real interest in what I was doing.  I met fellow hoopers who shared their stories and their moves. I met the hoopers who didn’t know yet they were hoopers.

People would see the hoops hanging, and walk slower, eyeballing the sparkling circles. I could tell they want to try one out.

“Adult size hoops?” I could hear them thinking.

Some would walk by and with a flick of their wrist say something like, “Oh, a hula hoop.”  They’d look away quickly as if the hoop was completely insignificant in their lives.  But many times, they’d double take.

“Those are big,” they’d say, being pulled to my booth like a magnet. “Wow, adult size hoops,” they’d say in a whispered excitement.  “I used to hula hoop as a kid,” and they’d run their fingers along the edge of the hoop like they were being transported back into their childhood, remembering the motion.



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