I’ve Fallen in Love All Over Again.


Today I fell in love with my shadow. It looked gorgeous. Simply gorgeous.

I took my hoop to the grassy spot in front of Freddies. (It might be a park. I looked for a sign that said the name of the park, but I couldn’t find one, so I declare this grassy spot in front of Freddies on 28th and Weidler shall forever be called Hooper Park says the Queen.)

So I was at Hooper Park and it was  beautiful day. Awesome, freakin perfect Fall day. The sun was shining and my hoop looked so good against the autumn colors. And I just felt fantastic.

There is something about being inside of my hoop.  I always try to find the right words to explain it. I saw this documentary called Happy. You must see it. Anyway some smart guy talked about our “flow” that we all have a flow, that flow is the thing that comes naturally. There are so many different types of flow that it’s impossible to determine all of them, but what is interesting to think is how necessary flow is in our lives. A huge factor into our levels of happiness.

Not everyday is a flow day. Two days I got up and took my hoop and I didn’t feel the flow, but isn’t it wonderful when you do? Hooping is my flow. One of them.

What makes you flow? What’s your flow? Do you know your flow? Howdy-Ho.