I can Write about Love

The Hula Hoop and Dr. Carson

You have awakened me from a darker place.
The revolution leaves me dumbfounded,
amazed how you so innocently changed my life.
I think back to what I was before I met you.
I stumbled with a lack of knowing,
with a slight stench of self-doubt.
But you set me straight by circling around me,
pushing me to challenge my entire being.
The bigness swallows me up.
and it’s because of you
that I can write about love.


Dr. Carson was a poetry teacher of mine at the University of Evansville. I wanted to be able to a write a poem I was proud of before I graduated. I wrote a terrible poem about a boyfriend.  I remember Dr. Carson saying, “I can’t tell if you love this person.” He was kind of angry. Frustrated I think. I thought about what he said and I wondered when I would be able to write about something I loved. Almost six years later, I started hooping and I understand now.