Hoop Poetry.

Write about Love.

You have awakened me from a darker place.
The revolution leaves me dumbfounded,
amazed how you so innocently changed my life.
I think back to what I was before I met you.
I stumbled with a lack of knowing,
with a slight stench of self-doubt.
But you set me straight by circling around me,
pushing me to challenge my entire being.
The bigness swallows me up.
and it’s because of you
that I can write about love.


There are things to say and blogs to update, phone calls to make,
business awaits. So much to get through, so much to do –
make my list, get over being sick and get on with it.
Write out receipts, make contacts with peeps,
plan events, post on facebook and don’t forget to volunteer
and find a second job because rent is due,

and I’ve got to clean my room and laundry to get to.
I’m not feeling strong, barely hanging on, feeling small

and slightly insane. And I sometimes fight my demons
and they almost win,
but then, I remember and I start to spin.
Suddenly, I’m back to being centered.
Back here to remember to put me on the list.
And I know there are many who don’t get it –
or who are tired of hearing it. But this passion of mine is seeping
and I take any opportunity to let my flow burst out of me.
because I’ve got hooping. And every time I feel crazy,
It brings me back to me. Time and time again.

When the world seems too much and I think I might bust,
my stress grips my skull and squeezes more and more –
I Hoop. and my flow envelopes me and brings me back
to a stronger person entirely. So when I loose my muse,
when my spirit is feeling abused I know it’s time to hoop.


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