Where Am I Going and Do I Need my Hoop? Part 2

Where am  I going and do I need my hula hoop? I don’t know, and yes.

I had a few friends make it through the separation (separation between me and the hooping business that is).

From top to bottom. JaMochaMocha, PrettyMocha, LooLoo twins, and the weighted water hoop, H2O.

These five hula hoops can tell you some stories about me. All the nights, mornings, afternoons I spent with them. And the festivals. The many festivals. Oh, they could tell you about all the things I had planned for my them.  I used to lay awake at night and imagine all the things I could do with these hula hoops. I have notes upon notes, diagrams after diagrams, words, thoughts, prayers, visions. I wanted (and I’ll be honest, a little bit inside of me still kind of wants) the hooping empire.

But everything all the sudden seemed so hard. I was confused. I no longer had a goal or destination. I was a conductor of freight train, had no idea how to run the train, and just had no idea where I was going, and I was dead broke.

Plus and this is a big one – my one stress reliever had become my job.

Anyway, the moral of this blog is, relationships are hard. Even sometimes hooping relationships.

How is your hoop relationship? Is it mad at you?