For McBeal.

I haven’t been hooping. Well, I have, sorta, kinda, just not a lot. I am sort of on sabbatical. I have ebbs and flows. I will hoop, but not for long and I start to get sucked up into my business world of hooping and I stress myself out and I have to go do something else. Today though, I did something a little different. I remember reading an article when I was training to run the Cincinnati marathon. This lady had written a small piece about how she would run each mile for someone else and it made the marathon so much easier. Those miles would be sort of her prayer for them, a way to express her love for these people.  So today while I was hooping a song came on the radio that reminds me of a very dear friend.  (I loved this song. For some reason we were riding around the backroads of my hometown in my brother’s blue Blazer when this song came on the radio. I bet she still remembers that day.)

Anyway my friend told me once that she loved watching people watch me dance because no one ever knows if I am trying to be serious or not.  They would laugh and then try to figure out what the heck I was doing.

So today, in my hoop workout I thought of my friend.  I imagined that we were back in Evansville, IN dancing in the house I lived in on Olive Street. Busting move after move on that blue carpet.

Makes me Smile.

Good Times.


Bueno Suerte mi reina!


2 thoughts on “For McBeal.

  1. DIOS MIO!! A hoop perf. for ME?! For once, the song IS about me! 😉 Makes me smile too and cry… So cool, Jill. I love you. I admire you. I miss watching you dance-by ourselves with Ms. JJ on full blast or in a room full of people. There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good…Gracias! xoxoxoxo

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